Back in the saddle!

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Back in the saddle!

Post by SGomes » Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:22 am

Hi folks. I know it's been super quiet this past month, but between the writing gig and the lead-up to Montreal ComicCon, I didn’t feel up to working on UW as well. But I’m back now! Sadly this place probably became dead as a doornail in my absence since it’s unlikely anyone is still checking here. Ah well, c’est la vie.

ComicCon was super fun. While I’ve gotten a booth in past years, this year I decided to just run sessions of Uncharted Worlds instead. I ended up running four 3-hour sessions over the weekend. 6 hours a day of constant energetic talking over the noise of a convention center for two days straight, so obviously I have no voice anymore.

I ran the Crashed Ship jump point for all four, and ended up with four very different, very entertaining stories:

1st Session: Recovered corporate secrets from the crashed ship, got in a grav-buggy chase across the planet’s jagged, mountainous terrain, burned out the engines escaping space pirates, and forced to crawl through narrow caves to avoid the planet’s mega-fauna. Took an escort/security contract to protect a merchant ship, used a nebula to slip by the space pirate raiders, uncovered a traitor on the merchant ship who was alerting the space pirates, used that signal to send out a distraction buoy and escape.

2nd Session: Recovered the coordinates of a secret military installation from a crashed prison ship on a dusty, low-gravity moon. Boarded and captured a raider/scavenger vessel that was competing for the wreck, managed to recruit the disenfranchised junior crew member. Infiltrated the military installation, discovered that they were miniaturizing ‘city buster’ warheads and installing in infiltration robots with synth-skin. Stole the research, killed the scientists, and blew up the base (using the prototype mini-city-buster bomb).

3rd Session: Fought off rival salvagers to recover the cargo from the ship before it sank further into a rotting swamp. Turns out the data rods held research of dozens of bespoke engineered plagues, including some that would render populations servile. Fundamentally altered the research to render it invalid/unusable, re-encrypted it, and “completed their mission” by handing the data servers over to the galactic navy. Traveled to a fledgling colony to deliver medical supplies, only to be caught in a struggle between the diseased, independent colonists, the mega-corp that wants to make their colony a subsidiary, and the equally diseased raider enclave that also needs the medical supplies.

4th Session: Recovered a prototype ship weapon from a crashed warship and delivered it to the galactic navy. Through observations, getting in touch with old contacts aboard the fleet, and a bit of electronic espionage, discovered that there was an ongoing clandestine military operation to catch and destroy the advanced warships of the scientific cabal while they were out on maneuvers. Traveled to a nearby semi-neutral trade outpost to sell this information and get it into the cabal’s hands, hopefully averting an all-out war. The Dark Eye of the galactic navy tracked the security leak back to them. A shootout with hired bounty hunters in the trade-post’s shuttleport ended with one hero on the verge of dying, one dead and one captured bounty hunter, several dead and injured civilians, and the arrest of the entire crew by the trade consortium’s security forces.

I had a blast, it was so great to just play again. It was also very enlightening to see where I instinctively streamlined or glossed over certain parts of the game, and which parts could have used more structure. In designing UW2, these sessions will be invaluable.

Anywho. Happy to be back. I'll try posting semi-regularly again.

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Re: Back in the saddle!

Post by zircher » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:51 pm

Awesome sauce! Sounds productive and fun. :-)
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Re: Back in the saddle!

Post by CCCXLII » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:58 pm

Good to have you back!

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Re: Back in the saddle!

Post by LarpWellington » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:34 am


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